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Oct 4 '12

Inspiration has a bad habit of striking at 4am on a wednesday.

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Jun 12 '12
Revised: Do you ever just find yourself at a loss to express your amazement at some people's talent?

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May 20 '12

I can’t figure out if writing a love song about love like a love song is meta or just stupid.

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Apr 9 '12


So, I did a few typing speed tests today… 104 wpm.

Apparently I can type over three times as fast as the average computer user. What does that say about me?

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Mar 14 '12

War Horse

Incredible, incredible piece of theater. It was really something else, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to see it, particularly where I did. (3rd freaking row, right in the middle)

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Mar 13 '12

An unexpected prompt.

Actually, the idea of just putting up long form text on what I think isn’t the kind of thing that I feel like I should be putting on tumblr at this point. I dunno, I feel like almost all the posts have to be aesthetically nice or funny photos. Unless I’m talking about some sort of social issue, (e.g. sexism, racism, etc.) that is. Even though this is a personal blog, I feel like that kind of stuff doesn’t belong here. Maybe I’ll just put my message in visual form whenever I want to send one.

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Jan 22 '12

Why do all telemarketers want to clean the air ducts?

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Jan 18 '12

Blowjobs are kinda weird when you think about it.

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Nov 14 '11

Why is the activism for equal gender rights still called feminism? Seems awfully biased to me. Shouldn’t it be called humanism or something?

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Nov 9 '11

If you wanna get with me, there’s some things you gotta know… and most of them are unrelated to my musical taste.

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